My chosen everyday object is my head massager. It usually sits on my desktop and I pick it up whenever I need a little break from studying.

In today’s workshop, it has been transformed (imaginatively) into a Magical Massager with these three powers:

  1. Power related to the senses:

Unlike a regular massager, which feels amazing already, this one has x50 amplified power, taking all your senses on a marvelous trip to a state of bliss.

2. Power related to anything of my choice:

It also affects your mental state by actively sending positive and peaceful thoughts and feelings into your head.

3. Power related to money:

While you massage someone’s head with this massager, it has access to all data in the person’s brain, including secrets and sensitive information such as PINs and bank accounts, which can then be used to retrieve money.

The Magical Massager in action:

Magical object.jpg



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